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July 2007
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    iPhone — run apps from the shell

    Well, though this isn’t a startling discovery, I found out you can start up any of the GUI apps just by running them from a commandline while ssh’d into the iPhone. Just follow these instructions to install ssh, then run bash. With bash running, just cd to a directory:

    # cd /Applications/

    and run the program:

    # Calculator

    There is no user interaction available, I’m afraid. Then again, perhaps there is*… In order to quit the app, you have to shut down the ssh session.




    *pure wild speculation, I have no connections inside Apple : (

    — site admin @ 4:00 pm Comments (0)


    Evil Dead 2 Prop - a web exclusive*!

    Here it is — a first-time look at a prop used on Evil Dead II. The “prop”, as it were, is simply a piece of foam painted, gouged, and weathered to make it look like Egyptian stonework. While in real life it looks like a piece of foam, in the movie I’m sure it has an Egyptian aura about it. Why do I have a picture of this fine piece of cinemagraphic history? It all starts back in 1999…

    Evil Dead II Set Prop
    Konica Minolta DiMAGE A200. Only in some of the best preserved Egyptian temples and pyramids do you see such stunning craftsmanship as this.

    …when I started to work where I am working today. Thought that really has nothing to do with this prop. It just happens that I work with someone who worked on the movie as a special effects assistant, and he brought this prop in as a cubicle decoration.

    I’m told it was used in the library scene — though I need to re-watch the movie to find out where. In the lower left you see a cow (not a dog), milk bottle, and three ‘xxx’s, which probably symbolized poison milk. To the left you see what looks like “bEG” -> this is supposed to be DEG, for De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG). He couldn’t explain all the other symbols, either because they have no meaning, or (most likely) because he cannot recall them. Next week I will see if we can document the symbol meanings, and I’ll post the definitive guide to the stone carvings.

    *Well, “exclusive” is probably pushing it a bit. I gave this image to my other coworker so he could post it online too.

    — site admin @ 5:08 am Comments (2)

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