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June 2005
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    Mysterious Vehicle

    Maybe, *just maybe* this is it, the vehicle of my dreams…

    Scion xB
    Scion xB with simulated electric bolt graphic.

    Still working on the vinyl graphic, trying to make it look a bit more “electric company’ish”. Also, I’m going for more of a dolphin gray.

    — site admin @ 8:16 pm Comments (2)


    Current Schedule

    Well, site updates will be sparse this next week. I have to get some web pages to my professor, whom I neglected to make the pages for as soon as I had promised. I have to send a thank you letter to Chrysler & the Chrysler dealership, and help someone install a virus program. Most of these will be blogged on.

    Oh, and, uh, I may be getting a new car (like any of you care!). More on this later.

    — site admin @ 9:14 am Comments (0)


    Photo Gallery Up, Updated PDF

    Well, the stock photo gallery is up and running! I’ll be adding two new photos a week, to keep the content fresh and current. You’ll most likely see more macro shots - I plan on taking some photos of an intricate fossil, some more plant photos, and more plant photos! I took a few rose branch clippings, and want to see how the thorns look under the lens.

    In addition, I updated the PDF for Sapphire XVIII Hacking, a most important document detailing my conversion of a pushbutton radio to accept an auxiliary input (ie, to take in the audio signal from an iPod). Frankly, I was not able to do the conversion without some help - read the PDF to find out who aided me! The photos are kinda junky, as I was using an older digital camera.

    — site admin @ 11:13 pm Comments (0)


    The Gallery is Up

    The gallery is in beta form right now. I’m going to move it over to asp soon, with a database instead of manually typing stuff in. Should be fun! Only one popup is working, although eventually all the images will have their own popup window with extended descriptions.

    Well, it seems the gallery is up and running! Look around, and maybe even buy some images…

    I might even create a search function, depending on how busy it gets. For now it will display all my photos.

    Have fun browsing!!

    Oh, you wanted a link to it, eh?

    — site admin @ 10:53 pm Comments (0)


    Gallery on it’s Way…

    The gallery is nearing completion - just finishing up the template and beta testing! Photos from my D.C. trip will be up, along with more Stock Photos (in one location!). Until then… signing off.

    — site admin @ 6:56 pm Comments (0)

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