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    The Care and Feeding of an iPod

    Heh. You’re thinking, again, that I must really be obsessed with the iPod. But no - this was made in response to my happiness with my iPod. I originally had a Panasonic SJ-MR200 MD recorder, but never used it as much as I intended, due to MD’s lack of direct computer control and uploading of music - with MD recorders of that time, you had to record in real time. When the iPod was released, I scoffed at it, thinking it too costly and limited in storage capacity. What was I thinking?

    I’ve linked to a PDF file I made in 2002, and have updated with pertinent contact information. I originally intended to keep up with each iPod model, but could not due to 2 reasons:

    1. My pocketbook, already strained by college tuition payments, could not keep up with Apple’s development cycle.
    2. As far as I was concerned, it was too difficult to constantly update a book, since the iPod was so easy to use in the first place; ie, it was more or less pointless. It was fun at the time, so I think it was worth it…
    — site admin @ 6:54 pm Comments (0)

    Where Baby iPods Come From

    This is one of those past things I did, to pass the time away. Kind of pathetic. But really funny, honest! Ok. Maybe not that funny, but still, original? Not psychopathically original but obsessively compulsive. But please don’t contact the authorities.

    Remember when I said I was migrating my site? Well, wayyyy back in the past I had may different projects. Occasionally, I’d try to make a funny iPod parody like thing. Well, since the content I haven’t moved over is a bit more, shall we say, complicated, I figured I’d get all the simple stuff on the site.

    You ever wondered where iPods were made? I mean, really made? Not some factory in Japan. Right here in the good old USA. Well, at least for those of you who live here.

    Here is a picture of an iPod, who signed all consent forms to have her picture taken and released. The LCD has been blurred so you cannot determine her identity.

    I believe she will be having one of the 20GB versions, but as an Apple representitive was about to stop me from taking the picture, I had no time to ask further questions.

    Sony CCD-TR93 + Power Macintosh 7600/132

    The iPod "farms" are cute. They start from being, oh, 1" tall, and it takes a good 3 weeks for them to be full grown. They try to keep them in playpens, seperated by height.

    Of course, there are too many for the Apple employees to look after, the new iMacs have been tending to the farms since they were first developed. Thats what they were designed for. Not only do they have the ability to move around easilty by hopping, but they use the LCD screen to teach the iPod how to work, and can "herd" iPods from one area to another. It was only recently that Apple had the idea to actually sell the iMacs as computers.

    This was very dangerous, as mother iPods are VERY protective of their young, and I almost got iPodded to death. They really can hurt, especially when five of them jump at your stomach at once. Nearly knocked the wind out of me!

    As for iPop, he was very good natured about the whole thing, and laughed when I asked him what they ate. At which point I was shown the firewire hubs. Duh!

    — site admin @ 11:04 am Comments (1)


    iCam - my chessiest parody ever

    I really shouldn’t be posting this, as it is really embarrassing. I stamped it’s date in 2004, though I believe it predates that.

    iCam - Apple’s greatest product yet!


    iCam 1
    iCam 2
    Sony CCD-TR93 + Power Macintosh 7600/132

    As you can see, the lens currently being used is a Nikon, but there are other lenses being considered. The white around the lens is a quick change adapter - currently looking at either a removable lens system, or a permanent lens. The adapter allows us to quick change various lens offerings from several companies with high quality optics. A white lens casing will be specially manufactured for Apple.

    The overall form is like the iPod, with the controls for zoom in the front, to the right when viewed from in front. The unique thing about the iCam is how it takes pictures, you can choose any 90 degree rotation you want - as the tripod adapter mounts on the BACK, allowing the iCam to be mounted on a tripod in any rotation (even up!). There are two adapters - one ball joint, allowing a hemisphere of rotation (iCam pointed up towards the sky all the way to the lens being parallel to the ground). The second adapter restricts the rotation to 90 degree increments - allowing one to rotate the iCam, while keeping the back perpendicular to the ground. The shutter button will be a lower profile than shown, and will be mounted on both sides, depending on the rotation settings, only one will function. In addition, the zoom settings will switch, based on how you have it set up to rotate.

    It functions as a high resolution firewire web cam, but it is recommended to use lower settings for low bandwidth situations.


    1600 X 1200 in millions of colors, raw format

    4.4 mega pixel CCD

    4x optical zoom (subject to change depending on which lens is picked)

    4x digital zoom, also iPhoto 2.0.1 includes a touchup digital zoom feature.

    File formats:

    raw, .jpg, .gif, .tif, and .pdf file save and export options






    20gig (not released until the iPod has this option)

    Audio support:

    Will record to .mp3, .wav, .aiff

    "Video Camera":

    up to 10 hours compressed video, at 640 X 480

    Quicktime export, for use in iMovie or stand alone

    Built in mic

    Extras included:

    Still shots can be imported into iMovie

    Eco friendly Hemp case, with cotton lining

    Adapters as describe above


    Firewire for power and data transfer, headphone jack, microphone/line in jack(software switchable)


    Will be Mac only compatible, but should be easily hackable (don’t let Apple know that I know this). The images are stored in a hidden folder called " Images".







    This device is not made by Apple, and is a spoof, on the general idea that Apple will come out with an Apple branded digital camera. I use, enjoy, and promote Apple when given the chance. If Apple would like to make me a beta tester for such a device in the near future, I would be most obliged, and would keep it secret…(or any device for that matter)…

    — site admin @ 10:15 pm Comments (2)

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