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    Grumble grumble display trouble

    I’ve gone through a painful saga (over the years) with my 15″ MBP, logic board replaced twice (I suspect 3 times), optical drive replaced. It doesn’t seem like much to go through… but these things should last and have minimal problems at least the first few years - I like to get at least 5 years out of a purchase, and this one wants to die after just 4.

    My replacement logic board warranty expired… on the first of March, and of course, it is now starting to have the exact same display problems as before:


    Just one of the many pleasures of being an Apple fan…

    — site admin @ 10:57 am Comments (0)


    If You’ve arrived at this site by clicking on a lightbulb…

    I never gave permission for the referring site to link to my website, nor permission to use my image.

    — site admin @ 9:26 pm Comments (0)


    Comments DOWN

    Ugh. I updated the site, but am still having comment spam issues. Wohoo. I’ll probably have to hard code in something to stop em. Plus links are not working, and the preview script I was using was “wiped out” by the update, have to redo it. Otherwise, I’ll be back to normal in a few days.

    — site admin @ 6:29 pm Comments (0)


    For some reason, I’m getting a TON of comment spam. Updated the site to fix it, I hope!

    — site admin @ 1:11 pm Comments (0)


    It Wasn’t THAT Bad

    This’ll be the last self-serving post I write (hopefully). I think I did OK - better than the midterm. Still pretty lousy (screwed up on 1c because I integrated wrong. I screwed up the easiest integration problem known to man. So stupid.). But other than 2 2/3 problems, I think I did the rest OK.

    Oh, yes, what is this:


    The difference between a right and wrong answer. Sigh

    — site admin @ 4:48 pm Comments (0)


    My Schedule for the Rest of the Term

    Heh, I bet you, the nonexistent reader, are wondering if I totally forgot to post - nope. I haven’t had a chance to even sleep, let alone post here. Ha!


    Anyhow, I just wanted to mention my schedule, so that you all could see when you’ll be able to read insightful, important and worthwhile drivel - soon, very soon. I have:

    1) A math test to fail on Tuesday 19th, no matter how much I’ve studied. This is the sort of thing that I cannot study for because I have too much going on in another class, even though my grade depends on the amount I study. But I’m not bitter!

    2) A short Ethics paper to write for the 19th

    3) A massive engineering document, that is mostly complete but needs some proofing, for the 19th

    4) A test Monday the 25th, which I’m 15-25% worried about. Otherwise I’ll have plenty of time to study, etc…

    5) Work. Sort of like Office Space, but without the bad managers and TPS reports.

    — site admin @ 7:36 am Comments (2)


    I Survived (Mostly)

    I survived, for the most part. This week isn’t as important as the next following, as my exams and project are due ASAP


    But I am still alive, which for the most part is a good thing.

    — site admin @ 8:29 am Comments (0)


    Busy, So So Busy

    Too busy to post. To busy to eat. Too busy to breathe. Too busy to even stop for a moment and pause for a second, or contemplate what I just wrote.

    — site admin @ 12:03 pm Comments (2)


    My Latest Battle With Technology

    I like to think I get along with technology. I named my laptop Lady Ti, my iPod Podkins. I’m the kind of person you go to when there is a computer problem - only for it to disappear when I arrive. A disturbing incident happened the other day. I was at Home Depot, signing the electronic screen thing. I clicked “Accept” and it rebooted. I have no clue what this means.

    Well, perhaps the device had an unrecoverable error, the cord shorted, etc… but whatever, it can’t be good.

    — site admin @ 11:35 pm Comments (1)


    Flowers in a Green Vase

    Not much more to say, been studying for a horrible math exam.

    Pink Flowers
    Canon 20D
    Pink Flowers
    Canon 20D

    I’ve been seriously hoping that we have a huge ice storm, the entire city of Ann Arbor loses power, and it take 3 days to get everything back in shape. Oh, don’t get me wrong. There could be bouts of biblical flooding, U-M Ann Arbor would still stay open, and U-M Flint would open “2 hours late.” It’s a problem when you are a commuter at a college that is mainly made up of non-commuters. I just think that my professors might delay the exam a few days, what with the large scale freezing. Probably too much to ask for.

    — site admin @ 10:04 pm Comments (1)


    War or Deforestation: Take Your Pick

    It’s pretty simple, actually. From CNN, via Reuters:

    Separately, Bush said his 2006 budget, which will be sent to Congress next week, will have “strong” funding to develop hydrogen-fueled cars, cleaner burning coal and increase ethanol production.

    Bush’s national energy plan includes opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to drilling, a move opposed by moderate Republicans, Democrats and environmental groups.

    For those of you who were against the war in Iraq (hippie, cough), you could have prevented this. All you had to do was let Bush drill for oil in the FIRST place. As much as I like trees, open land, and spotted owl (mmmm, spotted owl), we should be able to do some drilling. For Pete’s sake, we had to invade a country to drill for oil! Bush felt it was easier to go to war with Saddam than fight the environmentalists at home.

    PS - this, of course, requires that you actually believe that our motivation was to go into Iraq for oil, which is one kook theory dreamt up by the “300mpg” carburetor people.

    Also, I think I’m going to add a Satire category…

    — site admin @ 12:17 pm Comments (3)


    Students: Do they EVER get stuff done?

    I often ask myself this question, wondering how effective, say, 20 undergrads would be versus one janitor - changing a lightbulb. Not to shed bad light on undergrads, I’m one as it is, but one incident struck me as the power, or lack thereof, of a collective body of students. Now, I need to make clear that I DID NOT call Public Safety (DPS) either, but I’m exempt, because, uh, well, you know.

    Parking Treasure Map

    The map above shows the parking lot I park in, and the path I set off on to walk to class (Orange lot, the yellow indicates Graduate student parking). Two weeks before Thanksgiving (Fall 2004), a dead raccoon appeared on the grass right next to the sidewalk (marked by the red “X”). Now, I really like raccoons, and was deeply saddened by it’s untimely demise. That being said, SOMEONE needs to clean it up.

    You need to realize the context - the sidewalk is not often traveled by students - bus’s run every ten minutes - it’s about 1 USA city block to walk to the nearest building (well, main ME buildings). Still, there should have been enough students who said, “Sure, I’ll call DPS, and ask them who to contact.” Not that I can tell. I promised myself - if that animal hasn’t disappeared by the time I get back from vacation, I’ll call DPS. Sure enough, the animal didn’t disappear. I waited a few weeks, snow came, then the snow melted, animal still there.

    Weeks later, I decide to call. By now, the raccoon is frozen, sort of like Hans Solo being frozen in carbonite. I couldn’t ask DPS to dig through the snow (Arrr, ye walk three paces t’ th’ port once ye pass th’ lightpost. Turn t’ th’ sun, an’ dig fer 3 minutes.), nor was I going to clear the snow and call them. I did the next best thing: nothing.

    Once the snow melts, I will call DPS. Only if another student doesn’t do it first.

    Update: 2/15/2005 I called!!! By this time, all the snow had melted, and the poor little raccoon looked like a ball of white rags, with a (shudder) spine. Gross. Thankfully, he was gone by the time I left for the day. Had they not seen him, I feared they’d think I was being a prankster. The woman I spoke to on the phone laughed when I said it’d been there since Thanksgiving.

    — site admin @ 12:34 pm Comments (1)


    I Hate Mornings

    At least the getting up part. Ugh. Once I was on the road, I decided to try out that often difficult, and slightly risky, driving-car-while-operating-picture-box. Turned out so-so.

    Pontiac TrailCanon 20D
    NixonCanon 20D

    I made the last one B&W. Not in camera, though that is possible. And yes, that IS fog. This is Michigan, right? No sense in January sticking to the things it does best.

    — site admin @ 8:52 pm Comments (0)

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